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 How much are the Association dues?

     The Association dues are currently $250.00 per year for each property not located in the River Neighborhood Subdivision; whether developed or undeveloped.
      Property located in the River Neighborhood Subdivision (Alpine Court) currently pays $125.00 per year; whether developed or undeveloped.

Please Note:  The annual dues increased in 2023.  Property not located in the River Neighborhood Subdivision increased to $250.00 per year.  Property located in the River Neighborhood Subdivision increased to $125.00 per year.

 Do I pay Association dues on each property that I own in Skyland?



 What are the Association dues used for?

     Some of the monies from the dues are used to cover the expenses incurred in the daily operation of the Association.  The majority of the dues are used for projects throughout the Skyland area.  These projects include the play park, the pavilion at Grant Lake and the ever-expanding bike path.


 Is there a leash law within Skyland?

     All dogs must be kept in a dog run area, on a leash or chain, or under direct control of a person at all times.


 What is the first step in building a home on my Skyland lot?

     Contact the Skyland office and request a Design Review Packet.  The packet contains the Design Guidelines and all applicable forms to start the process.


 Do I need a parking sticker to park in Skyland?

     In an effort to curb illegal parking and access to Skyland property owner amenities, the Skyland Community Association (SCA) has a vehicle placard program in place.  These placards help the staff identify owner vehicles and help them to enforce parking and the use of owner amenities.  Each property is issued two (2) parking placards.  If you have not yet picked up your placards, please stop by our office or you can also fill out and mail the Vehicle Placard and Boat Registration Form.  Once we receive the completed form, we will mail your placard(s) to you.

     Please be aware that the cost to replace a lost parking placard is $100 each.

Please Note:  There is no parking on Skyland roads or on cul-de-sacs.


 Are parking passes available for guests or renters?

     Temporary parking passes are available for owner's guests.  Owners can stop by our office in the Skyland Lodge building at 350 Country Club Drive, Suite 112A to obtain the pass.

     Long-term renters (over 30 days) can also receive a temporary parking pass by stopping by our office. 


 What are the rules for using the pavilion at Grant Lake?

  1. The pavilion is for use only by the Skyland property owners, their immediate families and guests.  Owners must be present during the event.
  2. Property owner sponsored gatherings are not allowed.
  3. Gatherings cannot be open to the public and/or advertised to the public.
  4. The pavilion and parking area was designed to accommodate not more than forty (40) people.  All vehicles must be parked in the parking area or on the lake side shoulder of the road.
  5. The Skyland Community Association is the only organization which may use the pavilion for meetings or other functions.  No other organization may use the pavilion without the express permission of the Skyland Homeowner's Association Board of Directors.
  6. Use of the pavilion shall last no longer than 1/2 hour after dark.
  7. Disc Jockeys, bands and amplified sound, including but not limited to speakers, Public Address System and bull horns are not allowed.  Tents and generators are prohibited.
  8. Wedding ceremonies are permitted for owners only.  No receptions are allowed.  Please contact the office for specific details regarding weddings at the pavilion.
  9. Please take all trash and food with you when you are done.  (This prevents any animal incidents!)
  10. A non-refundable pavilion use fee of $100.00 is required (please make the check payable to:  Skyland Community Association).
  11. Simply fill out the Lake Grant Pavilion Exclusive Use Permit and return it to the office along with your check.


 What are the rules for fishing at Grant Lake?

  1. Catch and release only is encouraged.
  2. Ten (10) fish per property is the annual limit.
  3. Barbless hooks, flies and lures only.
  4. Children under 12 years of age may use bait.


 Can I use and store my boat at Grant Lake?

     Boats may be used and stored at your own risk.  All boats are required to have a Skyland Metropolitan District sticker.  Stickers are available through the main office; simply fill out the Vehicle Placard and Boat Registration Form.


 Can I get a mailbox at the postal annex building at the corner of Brush Creek Road and Slate River Drive?

     Yes.  Any Skyland Community Association owner can get a box at the annex.  The first step is to contact the Postmaster at the Crested Butte Post Office at (970) 349-5568. Because there are many second homeowners in Skyland, the Post Office does encourage anyone that would want a box for less than 6 months out of the year to simply have their mail sent to the Crested Butte Post Office at General Delivery.


 Why am I paying for water on my vacant lot?

     All vacant land within Skyland is charged a monthly Availability of Service Fee (ASF) by the Skyland Metropolitan District.  This money is used for payment of principal and interest of Skyland Metropolitan District's long-term debt.  Because of this fee, you can be assured that when you build your home, water will be ready and available to you.


 Can I write one check for both my water (Skyland Metropolitan District) and sewer (East River Regional Sanitation District) bills?

     No.  Although your water and sewer bills are generated out of the same office and both have the same address, Skyland Metropolitan District and East River Regional Sanitation District are two separate entities.  They each have their own accounting system, financial records and are operated separately.  Therefore, we ask that you do issue two separate checks.


 Can I put up lights outside for the holidays?

     Yes, but on a limited basis.  Seasonal holiday lighting is only allowed to be illuminated between November 15th and January 31st, and must be removed by May 1st.


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